How it Works

Why ?

Choosing the right school is a time of reflection for the entire family as you work as a unit to promote your child's interests, passions, and needs. With the guidance of Schools Compass, this process is one to be enjoyable, exciting, interesting, and most importantly, rewarding.

Schools Compass is an independent online platform that presents equal opportunities for schools in Nigeria to tell parents what they've got to offer their children/wards. It helps parents find the best schools to meet the unique needs and expectations of their child.

It also serves as a platform where applicants interested in working with a particular school can upload their resumes directly to the schools. This feature is available for Premium and Exclusive member schools ONLY.

Schools compass will guide you through this process and ease the stress that often occurs when parents and students cannot differentiate among school choices. Not only will Schools Compass helps you understand the process, but we will also provide you with direction so you and your family will not waste time and energy visiting the schools not suitable.

Parents can select up to four(4) schools and click on 'compare' button next to any of the selected schools to see more clearly and visually the difference in these schools by juxtaposing them.

If you are satisfied with the any of the schools, you can contact it directly with the information supplied on the schools page.

However, parents are strongly advised to verify the claims before making any financial commitment to the school of their choices. This can be done by either complete the "contact form" on the school's page to schedule a visit or/and call the school directly with the contact number provided by the school.


1. Select Educational Level

Nigeria Schools are classified under primary and secondary schools. Each class has different scopes of educational services offered.

For example, primary schools offer Creche/Daycare (from 3 months), After School,Toddler Nursery. and grade classes. Some provide all of these, some don't. Look at the educational scope section of school's profile to know the level of services being offered.

For clarity, primary school names are written with red ink while secondary with blue ink.

2. Narrow your search

Depending on your requirements, there are different tools you can use to narrow down your search to find your ideal school. You may use any or a combination of your budget, prefered towns and states across Nigeria, whether the school have boarding facilities or not.

You may also select these schools and click 'compare' button to compare them side-by-side, read reviews of schools written by other parents.

You can view images of the facilities as well as take a virtual tour around the school through the embedded video on their profile pages.

3. Contact the School

Download the admission form of your choice school and contact them.