Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. How much does it cost to register/list a school to use Schools Compass website?
  2. Registration is FREE, however if schools owners want to upgrade their membership to enjoy more benefits, it costs a token. Other users need not to upgrade to get all benefits- they only need to register.

  3. If it's free, how does Schools Compass make her money? Is there any hidden charge?
  4. There is absolutely no hidden charge and it is ABSOLUTELY FREE. We make our money through proceeds from adverts. Members Schools who choose to optionally subscribe to our Gold and Platinum Memberships would also pay subscription fees.

  5. But my school already has a website, why is it important for me to list it on schools compass again?
  6. First and foremost, this platform provides an opportunity for parents to meet your school without prior knowledge of neither your school nor your website.

    Secondly, it is more popular than any schools' website because is a composition of all schools' websites and other details.

    Lastly, it is optimized and designed to accommodate some features most websites do not have.

  7. Is it mandatory to register before using this website?
  8. Yes, for school owners and No, for other users.

  9. My state or/and local government area is not on the filter list on the school pages, why is it like that?
  10. The system dynamically generates this list from the database, if no school is found in your state or local goverment, then it does not get displayed.

  11. How do i compare schools on schools compass?
  12. Go to the index page for all the schools (primary or secondary), set your criteria from the options at the left hand side of the page if you wish. Check compare widget at the bottom of the school you wish to compare with others, a 'Compare' button will appear next to it. Do same for all the schools your wish to compare to each other and click any of the 'compare' buttons. (You can compare maximum of four (4) schools on PCs and two(2) schools on mobile devices)

  13. What if i require more information about the school of my choice?
  14. For each school, an enquiry form is at the bottom left side of its' page, write your questions or concerns and submit. It goes directly to the school.

  15. How secured is the information being provided on Schools Compass?
  16. Even though all the information provided about your school is meant for public consumption, we still place premium on the security of your data. All information are encrypted and exchanged via secured layer (SSL) - Notice the 's' at the end of 'https' that starts the url of this website. It is a sign of secured network layer.

  17. As a school owner, why do I have to create separate acccounts for my primary and secondary schools when they share the same name, logo, management, address, and all of that?
  18. Doing this helps us to put your schools under distinct categories. We appreciate that, in most cases, they differ in Tuition fees, Curriculum, Facilities, and some Extra Curricular Activities.

    The system is designed in such a way that when creating subsequent account(s), you only need to add those differing factors and submit.

    Your schools are still linked together under 'Sister Schools' section of their pages so parents can access them as well.

  19. I’ve forgotten my password?
  20. If you’ve forgotten or don’t know your password you can request to reset it. Simply Click here

  1. Cannot register – email address or telephone number already recognised?
  2. Great! We already have your details, enter the password that you registered to access the site. If you have forgotten your password, simply click on the 'forgotten password' link and we will send you a mail with details on how to reset your password.

  3. Cannot register – system will not accept my details?
  4. Please contact customer services on 01 2958029 (9am to 5pm GMT+1 Monday to Friday) or email with full details of the information that are not being accepted and the error message the system displays.

  5. Is my school eligible to register?
  6. Yes, it is. As long as it is goverment approved.

  7. Do I need to pay if i find a school through school compass?
  8. No, neither you nor the school needs to pay.

  9. If I have technical problems on the site, what do I do?
  10. If you are experiencing a technical problem, please go to the ‘contact us’ area at the top of the home page. Complete the details template with as much information as you can provide, submit and expect our prompt response.

  11. How can i get my school featured in the 'Featured Schools' list on the homepage?
  12. It is very simple, just upgrade to Exclusive Membership and you are automatically featured. To upgrade, please Contact Us here

  13. There are just 5 slots on the 'featured schools' list, what if Exlusive members are more than that?
  14. The list is generated randomly from our database. The implication is that at any point in time, somebody, somewhere is viewing your school from the homepage. You can experiment this by refreshing this browser to see a different set.

  15. If I have more than one school, do I need to upgrade each of them for additional benefits accrued to them?
  16. No, your membership status cascades to all your schools as long as you list them on same (your) account.

  17. How do I advertise on the site?
  18. Please refer to the 'Advertise with us' in the link at the bottom of the page and contact our advertising team listed in the ‘Contact us’ section.

  19. How will you use my data and what will you do with my details?
  20. We take security very seriously. All our registration systems are held on secure servers.

  21. How do I cancel my membership anytime i choose to do so?
  22. Log in and click on the 'Opt out of Schools Compass' link at the left hand side of your account place.

  23. What happens if I cancel my membership?
  24. All schools attached to your account and their records will be lost.

  25. How do I delist my school from schools compass?
  26. Every school has its own account, go to the account page of the school in question and click on the 'Remove from School Compass' at the left hand side of the school account page.

  27. What happens after delisting my school?
  28. All records like Gallery Images and Reviews attached to that particular school will be lost as well. However, other schools attached to the same account owner would remain listed.