About Us

About the Team.

We are a group of parents who are passionate about quality education for children of school age. Experience has shown that when a child is ripe for education, parents usually face difficulties choosing the right school for the child. Some settle for a school that appeals to them, but informed parents settle for a school that is right for the child.

Hence, SchoolsCompass is borne out of the necessity for parents to genuinely get detailed information about a particular school before making a decision.

We understand the psychology of parents regarding the education of their children. So SchoolsCompass is structured such that parents can select a particular school based on their budget, location of the school, curriculum, facilities, etc. Parents can also compare between selected schools so as to make informed decision.

Our primary aim is to ensure parents get value for their investment in the education of their children.

Effective and Reliable

Schools are profiled on the platform by the school owner/administrator, displaying the school’s value proposition, academic records, admission form, as well as other facilities that genuinely convey the school story. There are categories of membership for schools to choose from. Each category has its unique features.

Schools can rely on our experienced team of professionals to help increase their student/pupil enrollment.

We also develop Bespoke Website for schools and organizations.